Welcome to Camp Nazareth

Welcome to Camp Nazareth
Welcome to Camp Nazareth! This online journal is the official journal of Camp Nazareth Conference and Retreat Center. Over the years, many memories have been made here. Through this journal we hope to share with you the many wonderful moments from the many years at camp!

Monday, June 29, 2015

CN Staff Spotlight: Ileana Bennett (Righetti)

Please welcome our guest to the blog, Ileana! Ileana is responsible for programming this summer and has been working hard to prepare an incredible program for our campers! We thank her for her thoughts and contributions!


As a camper, I was always excited to see what was in store for me during my camp week. The pool party theme, the Friday activity, and the religious game were anticipated throughout the school year. However, I never truly understood how much time and energy went into planning the camp program. Now I am in the fortunate position as Program Director to not only plan those few activities, but assist with Faith Enrichment, O.T., and Senior Program in my line of work. 
I cannot wait for the campers to come and experience what we have in store for them this year! Knowing that each child is unique helps me to make sure that one activity does not overwhelm the entire program. This also helps me to make sure each child will have fun, hopefully like I did when I was a camper. Just two more weeks to go!

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