Welcome to Camp Nazareth

Welcome to Camp Nazareth
Welcome to Camp Nazareth! This online journal is the official journal of Camp Nazareth Conference and Retreat Center. Over the years, many memories have been made here. Through this journal we hope to share with you the many wonderful moments from the many years at camp!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Training Week

It's here! We've finally reached training week for the CN Staff! So much is going on here at Camp. We have campers for session two of the Greek Metropolis of Pittsburgh with us, the rest of the CN Staff have arrived, and staff roles have been changed. Some of the kitchen staff are now transitioning to counselor training, there are new people in the kitchen, and maintenance has also lost some workers as well.

It's a big transition for us at camp. We experience an overwhelming excitement when everybody is together. We experience a sense of anxiety as we wait for our counseling staff to show up. And after they arrive, the fun (somehow) manages to intensify to incredible levels. I always wondered how something that is already incredible has the potential to become even more incredible. I suppose that's where God comes into play. Within minutes of friends arriving, the fun had begun. Jokes were made, laughs were heard, huge were exchanged and life was good. Life is good!

Last night we all gathered in the basement of the Church for a meal and fellowship, followed by some games and activities to begin the process of team building. Overall an incredible night - thank be to God!

I know the staff are looking forward to an amazing week and highly anticipate campers!

Here are some pics of the Full CN Staff from last nights event!

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